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Snowpacalypse Day II

Photo by Zubari Duniani for Fankh Photography

It has been a harrowing two days. It’s as though we’ve been thrust into a 2nd Ice Age. Now I see why all the dinosaurs died out! Despite having had a week’s notice, all the city’s resources have been rendered useless. Thousands are without power, hundreds unable to catch the bus, a few others found out their place of work is closed – again! Despite their best efforts, the grocery stores could not contend with the surging crowds. There was simply not enough bread, eggs and milk for everyone. In the days before, the wealthiest among us stocked-piled gourmet food and fine wines. A trip to Whole Foods right now would yield fruitless. But alas, there are no roads or vehicles suitable for travel to get me there in the first place. Once the city’s police force surrendered to the deluge of snow and ice, the people’s sanity went too. Countless abandoned vehicles litter the streets, interstates and  driveways. We are in a state of emergency. Every man, woman and outdoor pet for them self. Before the televisions and radios stopped broadcasting, they were saying it may be Wednesday before the schools could reopen. You can’t imagine the horror of the sight of wayward children wandering the streets, with cardboard boxes, and all manner of trash can lids, laundry baskets and old political signs. I’ve locked myself in my house and boarded the doors and windows. No hopes, no plan- just survival is as good as it gets. Anyone out there who finds this, please let the world know, we did everything we could to survive. The best and most prudent efforts were attempted to avoid tragedy. Every resource was put to use try to ward off extinction. But we were no match for a whopping 4 inches of snow. What city could handle such a thing? Who could have predicted this much? Who could have prepared us for such a storm? Where is FEMA? Does George Bush not care about frozen black people? SO MUCH SNOW… SO MUCH ICE! OH THE HORROR! OH THE TRAGEDY! OH… My Netflix movie just finished downloading. Gotta go.


4 responses

  1. ATLOshun

    Lol! I’ve just gotten word that my office is closed tomorrow.

    I have never been so ready to go to work in my life. My ass hurts from sitting down…Oh the horror indeed.

    I’m on that Netflix too, shawty. Oh, and my homemade chicken soup is ready…I gotta go.

    January 11, 2011 at 11:54 am

  2. Leatrice

    There is something wrong with you!

    January 11, 2011 at 11:59 am

  3. Shannon B.

    Oh, the sarcasm. So funny, FP.

    January 11, 2011 at 10:53 pm

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