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In a DAZE…

I promised you exclusives with some of the cool, interesting and world-dominating creatives I know. Well none are quite as cool, interesting and world-dominating as my first guest! She is a certified ” Georgia Peach”. But beneath her sweet, southern charms beat the drums of a rock goddess. She’s been tearing through ATL’s underground music scene for the last couple years blowing crowds away with her polished stage presence, infectious tunes and her DYNAMITE voice. Her sound is anything but typical and she’s living proof that black girls rock. Ladies and gentlemen, theDolldaze!

theDolldaze dazzles!

T15P: How would you describe your sound?

theDolldaze: indie/rock/soul. Femme CeeLo meets TINA TURNER with a splash of folk/opera…..cause the sound is ever evolving. It’s whatever I want.

T15P: What is your background in music?

tDd: I am a self-taught guitar player and an ATL red-clay, church-raised gospel/blues singer. I’ve been writing songs & melodies since I can remember. I taught myself to use my vocals as an instrument…I’m still learning this technique. I look forward to guitar and vocal lessons as there is always room for improvement!

T15P: Ok this is a serious question and I want you to really think about your answer to this one. Children may be reading this and you know how much I believe in the adage that the children are our future. What is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

tDd: You mean only one? LOL! Well once, I was at this pool party and we were playing chicken fight and marco polo. I was just battling away with this other chick when everybody was like “BOOBS!”. LOL. Ahhh yeah one of mine’s popped out! I gave that swim suit away 🙂 Shit happens.

T15P: What projects are you working on? Where can people experience you live?

tDd: I am currently working on my first full album entitled “Mystic Novel:to be cont…” it’s a concept album that accompanies a novel by a local writer. Hopefully we can make a short film of it as well. People can catch me live all over ATL and this year we will be doing some touring so just keep your ears open and go to thedolldaze.com for updates.

T15P: What artist, living or dead, would you like to work with?

tDd: Well that list could go on forever…but I’ll give you the first one that came to mind and that’s Jimi Hendrix. Nothing short of brilliant and HOT! 🙂

T15P: What pisses you off about contemporary music?

tDd: That’s kinda complex but for now I guess I would have to say the radio/video stations. I just wish it were more diverse representations of all music genres. BUT I’m just answering this question cause at the same time I kinda don’t care because there are so many different avenues out here for us Indie artist to take as opposed to complaining. WORK!

T15P: Have you ever used auto-tune to enhance your vocals? Do you want to?


Thanks Doll! We are looking forward to our invite to your Grammy party! ROCK ON!

And for all of you good people, check out theDolldaze’s single “LUST” from her forthcoming album Mystic Novel:to be cont…


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