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Fahamu Does Dallas…

We are pleased to announce a new exhibition by The 15 Project’s host-with-the-most, Fahamu Pecou opening January 8, 2011 at Conduit Gallery.

This exhibit marks Pecou’s 3rd exhibit at Conduit Gallery. This new body of work, SECOND CHILDHOOD is a part of Pecou’s on-going HARD TO DEATH series which examines social behaviors within black male culture. Based on concepts of contemporary black masculinity as observed by Pecou, SECOND CHILDHOOD challenges accepted norms in black male culture.

“It is not uncommon in black male culture for older generations of men to look at what the youth are doing and attempt to emulate certain behaviors, trends and fashions as opposed to setting the example. To exaggerate this idea, I’ve posed my character “Fahamu Pecou is the Shit” in actual children’s clothes. The images are created to appear as though pages from a fashion catalogue”.
-Fahamu Pecou

For more information, go to www.conduitgallery.com or http://www.fahamupecouart.com

Click below to read reviews of Fahamu’s previous exhibits with Conduit Gallery:
Fluent Collab
Dallas Observer


One response

  1. I can’t wait, love it when you come to town!

    January 3, 2011 at 2:36 pm

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